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Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) is news for the rest of us. This spunky group of upstart reporters do what real reporters do - dig up the stories. They pack their daily half hour with four to five news reports, each one filled with the facts and voices of people in countries, cities, and small towns all over the world. This newscast is part of an independent distribution system, never controlled by corporate wealth. FSRN brings reality to over 250 thousand people every day. While NBC is controlled by GE’s board members, FSRN is shaped by the reporters who sleuth out the stories, the people who live with the regular folks who are most affected by the details hidden in every decision made by the powers-that-be.

Over 270 freelance journalists, and a handful of underpaid, hardworking editors, produce this newscast. FSRN airs on over 85 community radio stations nationwide. A legend of Country host Ed Dailey is different from other Classic Country Radio Shows or Radio station DJs. Some DJs think quoting the same old Country trivia, or reading out of Country music history books, makes them an expert. But the stories Ed tells are true and heart felt. Ed grew up around Radio and TV stations, concerts, tour buses, and hundreds of backstage's all over the west. Even at a young age, Ed loved and had a great respect for the Legends of Country music. Listeners can actually feel what it was like to see Johnny Cash sing Folsom prison blues when it was a new song, a young, unknown Dolly Parton sing, Waylon Jennings when he wore a Blue Nero Jacket and sang Brown Eyed Handsome Man for the first time. Or what it was like to talk with Elvis, Marty Robbins, or other greats back stage, after concerts. His stories are interesting and one of a kind.

The importance of radio in our lives

There have always been times when radio played an important role in people’s lives. Due to its low expenses, powerful signal and compelling programs, there is no wonder that it is still a popular choice for many in a world where technology continues its massive development. From Chicago to Paris and Tokyo, everyone can reach this great invention in every moment of the day and take advantage of its benefits that will surely keep them happy.

Whether you have plenty of finances or you lead a more modest life, there is no doubt that all persons can appreciate the live programs that inform you all day long about the most significant world events. Choose Northwest Indy Radio as your everyday mean of information and listen to the news that matter. You can learn about the stories in your neighborhood, or hear about natural disasters that may occur in real time from a reliable source.

There is nothing more entertaining than a ride in the car the while you listen to the latest music releases. From rock, pop to jazz and rap, all drivers can make their long journeys more enjoyable and enhance their mood with some upbeat songs. Because it can be very annoying when you are stuck in traffic on the date night with your cherished Chicago escort from, turn on your radio and feel the lively vibes of the music that will make you dance.

It can also be a precious communication instrument which can help humans in rescue missions when other communication lines are disrupted by calamities such as earthquakes or hurricanes. You can rest assured that the radio stays accessible even when other methods fail during emergencies. In case of an earthquake, when it is highly common that the cellphone lines go down and you cannot contact your loved ones who might be in danger, radio can aid tremendously.

The broadcasts can be a major tool in zones affected by wars or armed conflicts. Given the fact that some small communities have local radio stations, the residents can find out about news or situations that take place exclusively in their region. Unlike newspapers, Internet or TV channels that may not reach all areas due to low signal, individuals can easily search the airwaves for a trustworthy newscast because radio is available pretty much everywhere.

As information is essential these days, you can hear about different types of governmental plans or programs that can pick your interest. Although you do not see the face of the DJ or show host, you can still feel the emotions in his voice and tonality. More, listeners call every day to the radio station during live transmissions or write on their social media accounts and share life experiences with other persons.

Radio is a wonderful mean for recreation during the long hours you spend on a work project or when you go on a holiday trip with your family and friends. You can sing out loud, laugh, swing your body to the melody’s rhythms and strengthen your bonds. Stay connected to the news or your favorite sport event even when you are on the road. Explore all the opportunities radio can offer you and enjoy the interesting shows every day!