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Best radio songs of all times

Everybody will agree that, as any other form of art, pop music manages to stay alive and prosperous through ever loved singles played over and over in our cars, headphones or parties. While nowadays hits seem to have a shorter lifespan in the collective memory with every new song, there are those hits that just will not leave our playlist even though they are decades old, some even released in our parents’ youth!

Want a complete playlist? These are the must haves!

Ever since the notion of ‘best 100’ was invented by the Billboard back in the ‘50s, pop music morphed, took many tones and followed strikingly diverse currents. But one thing is sure, that great songs, once they entered the culture, never left it – that is because good stuff never goes out of fashion. The sound of the ’60s can be still heard today and seem uncannily modern: What a Wonderful World played by Louis Armstrong, All You Need Is Love by the ever classic Beatles, or Neil Diamond’s I’m a Believer are only some examples of what even kids nowadays can easily recognize and enjoy.

The ‘70s brought us unforgettable songs like Don McLean’s American Pie, and Hotel California sung by The Eagles. Also in this decade Jolene captured the fight of a housewife with a seductress over her husband’s love. Smells Like Teen Spirit hit the radios as an anthem of pop music. R.E.M’s Losing My Religion is another hit that lets the listener choose a personal meaning.

Some songs are written just for the sake of money and entertainment, but then there are the true hits that were created to express feeling and emotions. These are the sounds that will stand the test of time and will resonate with every coming generation.