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On radio news broadcasts

The typical man’s day looks more or less like this: he wakes up, takes a shower, grabs a small breakfast (if any), rushes to work where he spends several hours cut from everything that is happening in the world. After that he hits the road towards home trying to make the most of what it supposed to be his spare time. But this is how everybody grows to be unaware of the events of the broader world.

With all the services of the internet and smart devices, it pretty much seems that radios are something obsolete, something that would rather belong to the last century than to these fast moving times. It is true that radios are losing ground to newer media, but I would not be so fast in declaring it dead. There are things to radio that other technologies are yet to meet, and my thought is that cars are the main ‘marketplace’ of this information service. In a world that forces us to be constantly on the go, the radio comes in incredibly handy.

A basic schedule will just not allow us to thoroughly inform ourselves about the news, but car radios are there to fill this void. While on the traffic, anyone can learn about the most relevant events that have just taken place, weather or currency information, all without being distracted and without endangering the traffic.

Of course you can always switch from the radio sound to your own playlist, but that would only mean that you are living 24/7 in your own small bubble without ever being aware of what is happening in the world and without ever listening to talks over important issues like politics or money. Even if unfamiliar with them, these things affect you. So turn on the radio.